A walk with Countess Greta

With Greta to the old days!

A unique experience takes you back to the old days

If you go just a stone’s throw from the biggest disappearing lake in Europe, (the mysterious lake Cerknica), near the slopes of the highest non Alpine mountain in Slovenia, ( the mighty Snežnik mountain, 1,796m), on the edge the only forest left in Europe still with bear, lynx and wolves, (the massive, vast Snežnik-Kočevje forest), then you will also find an amazing fairy tale renaissance castle, named after that huge snow capped mountain… Snežnik Castle.

After your castle visit, you are warmly invited to join Countess Greta for a stroll in the castle park where she grew up as a little girl over a century ago! She will fill your heads with gossip, history and stories from the castle as you walk!

Foto Tina Sterle

Who was Greta?

Born in 1893, Greta was the daughter of Snežnik estate manager, Mr. Henrik Schollmyer, the castle chronicler, historian, and pioneer of the castle’s unique selective method of forest management. Greta rewrote her father’s records at his request when she became an adult and so learned all the secrets and details of Snežnik Castle – her birthplace.

Countess Greta can be the perfect companion to individuals and groups who enjoy unspoiled nature and stories told about a most stunning and perfectly restored castle and landscape.

In the company of an elegant lady, you will wander around breathing fragrances of snow rose and linden flower, enjoying every shade of green and chirping birdsong. You can touch the ice cold Karst waters that burst from a natural spring here and circle the castle and maybe sense the presence of bears hidden in the massive surrounding forest!

Guided stroll in the park

With Countess Greta you will spent plesant hour walking and talking around the castle park.

Ticket is 10 € per person.

Woul you like to accompany elegant lady?

Please reserve free termin for your guided tour:
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E: janja.urbiha@gmail.com
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